Food Delivery

Marilynn is a dedicated food delivery volunteer, who delivers groceries weekly to Bloomfield residents in need.

When asked about her volunteer work, Marilynn told us, her favorite part about volunteering is "Meeting the people and spending a few minutes talking and they really thank-you for what you are doing.. So amazing".

NTNN is so glad to have wonderful volunteers like Marilynn. She encourages others to donate their time "Because it’s the right thing to do… To give back something in your life. It’s so rewarding and puts everything in perspective."

Neighbor to Neighbor Network works with the Human Needs Food Pantry in Montclair, NJ to deliver food to seniors and disabled individuals. The Human Needs Food Pantry currently provides weekly groceries to over 500 Bloomfield and Glen Ridge residents. They supply their clients with fresh fruits, vegetables, meat/poultry, and canned goods.

Food delivery volunteers pick up bags of food from The Human Needs Food Pantry the same time each week and deliver them to a set route of about 5 residents who are unable, due to age or disability, to go to the pantry themselves.  A food delivery route takes about 1 hour per week.  A valid driver’s license and personal vehicle are required.

Currently we have food runs Tuesday mornings, Thursday mornings, and Thursday evenings.

This volunteer opportunity is very high impact because for some residents, this is their only source of food.  One hour a week makes a tremendous difference.

In our 2011 yearly survey, NTNN asked clients receiving food delivery if they enjoyed the program...

“Greatly! The delivery people are great company and the food is fresh and I use every piece. Thank you God and Thank you - you people”