What Does Neighbor to Neighbor Network Do?

Neighbor to Neighbor Network provides services to seniors, people with disabilities, and low-income individuals/families in Bloomfield and Glen Ridge Townships.  NTNN aims to provide support to people in need through non-traditional programs.  Our dedicated staff can connect you or someone you love to volunteers who can provide companionship, grocery shopping, help with small errands/chores, or weekly food deliveries for those who qualify by the Human Needs Food Pantry.  

We are always looking to expand and help Bloomfield and Glen Ridge citizens anyway we can.  If you are in need of somethings, don't hesitate to call us.

Am I eligible for assistance from Neighbor to Neighbor Network?

Any senior and/or disabled Bloomfield resident is eligible.

Is there a cost for NTNN's services?

Our services are FREE of charge to all eligible citizens of Bloomfield or Glen Ridge.  Our goal has always been to provide volunteers at no cost to you.

Can Neighbor to Neighbor Network provide transportation for me?

Many of our clients frequently ask us about the availability of transportation.  We do not guarantee that NTNN can provide transportation for any of our clients.  Our volunteers are permitted to give rides at their own discretion.  If the volunteer we match you with feels comfortable providing transportation, then you may ask them for rides, but it is solely up to the volunteer.  We suggest using NTNN volunteers as a last line of defense for transportation.  Neighbor to Neighbor Network will gladly provide you with a list of local agencies whose main focus in transportation upon request.