“All my married life, I did everything and made all of the plans. I am a very independent person. I moved in here with eyesight, so this [losing my vision] was such a let down. I am overwhelmed. I am still really sharp with my memory. With the condition I am in, the volunteer is really helping me.  Without my eyesight, I am down enough. I wouldn’t want to go out shopping. I need somebody. It’s worth it for me to go with her. I wheel the carriage and ask what aisle we are in. [Neighbor to Neighbor Network] is just remarkable and never knew it existed until I lost my eyesight. It really is a benefit. She could move in with me, that is how much I think of her. She is so caring; we can’t understand this. Just can’t beat the service. People are volunteers here. That’s the bottom line. Is this remarkable or what? I just love her.”​

-Friendly Visitor Client

“To me, I get more out of it than the person I am doing the service for. I look forward to doing it every week. It’s a self-esteem booster; it makes me feel so good about myself. It is a pleasure for me to do it. You have to experience volunteering to feel what we feel from doing it. When I volunteered to take one of the ladies and got so close to her, I told Paula I was going to adopt her as my family.”

-Friendly Visitor Volunteer

“The delivery people are great company and the food is fresh and I use every piece. Thank you God and Thank you - you people.”

-Food Delivery Recipient