Dick is one of the first volunteers who started with NTNN. He started delivering food form the Montclair Human Needs Food Pantry and has worn many hats in NTNN. He has delivered on holidays, helped at Thanksgiving events, and currently serves on the Board. In the past, he was very involved in the boy scouts and eagle scouts and served as a leader.

Paula Peikes, Liaison to Bloomfield Township

Rodney Cauthen, Board President

Stephanie started working for the Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services in 2015 doing social media. She became the volunteer coordinator in 2016 in addition to joining the Human Services staff. She coordinates the food pantry, the senior socialization and the senior prom. 

Barb Minemier, Board Member

Neighbor to Neighbor Network's Board of Trustees is comprised of caring individuals in our community who have volunteered their time to assist Bloomfield/Glen Ridge’s residents.  The NTNN Board of Trustees hold at least four meeting each year.  NTNN is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and is not required by New Jersey’s Open Public Meetings Act, also known as “The Sunshine Law” to hold open session meetings.  Unless otherwise noted, all NTNN Board of Trustees Meetings are closed to the public.  

"I enjoy helping people.  I work with several groups at my church and working with NTNN allows me to work on other projects affecting the people of our town.  I believe we are all called to do what we can to help our neighbors.  We can all make a difference both by our individual efforts and working as groups.  NTNN, mostly through its involvement with Bloomfield's Human Services, helps many who are struggling financially or are in failing health.

Thank you for visiting us and for your interest in NTNN."

Stephanie Cruz, Volunteer Coordinator


Paula oversees the Human Services Division as the Supervisor. When she began in 2000, she was the volunteer coordinator working to expand the NTNN. She was instrumental in filing for NTNN's 501 (c) 3 status and currently is the liaison for the township after servicing for many years as its vice president.

Rodney P. Cauthen is a professional staff member in the Alumni Office at William Paterson University, his alma mater, and has been a resident of Bloomfield since 2004. Upon moving to Bloomfield, Rodney became actively involved in the community and currently serves on the executive board of  Neighbor To Neighbor Network (NTNN),  Bloomfield Pride: LGBTQ Community of Bloomfield and member of the Bloomfield Democratic County Committee (BDCC). In addition to spending quality time with his wife, Nadine, and son, Elijah, Rodney enjoys event planning, participating in outdoor activities, volunteering and watching films. 

"I have been a Bloomfield resident for the past 30 years. About 10 years ago I decided I wanted to do
something that would make a difference in people’s lives. I changed careers and began helping people
make lifestyle changes to better their health so when I was asked to be on the Board of NTNN it just
seemed like the next right thing to do.
The Community has been so appreciative of all that the NTNN does - from throwing a Holiday party to
helping out with the utilities when they are running short.
I am happy to be a member of this Board under the leadership of Paula Peikes, who does a phenomenal

Dick Frankeberger, Board Member

John Leaity, Board Member